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Please keep in mind that while you may submit any tattoo idea, we will be prioritizing creative freedom, subject matter and style.

Aryn would love to tattoo:







-color or black and gray


-Fantasy/Sci-fi/imaginative lady faces

-Unique mythology (any culture)


-Creative animals

-Weird creatures and cryptids


-Gothic art

-Comic book art

-Unique florals with other subjects

-Large/closeup of subjects

-Cool bugs

-Literature inspired

-Assorted skulls

-Video games

Aryn would NOT like to tattoo:

-Tribal (of any kind)

-Black out


-Family Portraits (Animals and Monsters are fine lol)

-More than a couple words

or just word art


Aryn Fox - Tattoo Form
Preferred Method of Communication
Preferred Artist
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Thanks for submitting!

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