Aryn tattoos Big Dave from B-105

That's right it's real! Our first brush with greatness happened when Big Dave from the The Big Dave show with Chelsea and Stat (B-105's awesome morning show) to get his very first tattoo!! Not only that Stat played Amber in a game of Checkers...what a day :D

We are Open!!

It's officially official! Body of Art Tattoo is NOW OPEN! Our hours are Monday - Tuesday Appointment Only, Wednesday - Saturday 12-8pm, and Closed Sundays. The City of Dayton KY had a ribbon cutting for us! I didn't even know places still did that...but they do and it was amazing. I highly suggest if you are opening a small business, to do it in Dayton KY! It is about 5 minutes from Newport, and right across the river from Cincinnati. So easily accessible and everyone has been supportive and awesome. Not to mention there are some great business incentives. Opening this business is especially momentous for us. First, we changed the city zoning to allow for tattoos in the Central Busines

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